About Your Donations, Where & How They are used

You generous donation will help us support the O-ACE program. 

O-ACE provides experiential learning opportunities for EVERYONE by eliminating roadblocks for students from diverse backgrounds to pursue a career in the aerospace industry.

Review the three levels of giving below to see what best aligns with your philanthropic intrests. 

Ground Control Supporter:

Your generous donation of $250.00 will help lay the foundation for aspiring pilots by supporting their ground training essentials, including study materials, simulator sessions, and theory courses.

Flight Path Patron:

Your generous donation of $500.00 will help navigate the aspiring pilot’s journey through flight training, covering costs for flight hours, instructor fees, and essential flying experiences.

Captain's Circle Benefactor:

Your generous donation of $5000.00 will help elevate the student pilot to the next level by contributing to advanced training, instrument certifications, and crucial steps towards achieving the dream of becoming a commercial airline captain.